Print Design

This promotional insertion ad was featured in the March 2004 isue of B2B magazine. The dog illustrations were done by me.
Created as part of a co-branded campaign for Ace Hardware, which also featured a series of customized gift cards from
A series of printed collateral created for's Partner Restaurants. Featured here is the folder that contains posters, checklists, an instructional guide and complementary gift certificates to aquaint the Partners with the company's program.
This sellsheet is part of a "kit" aimed at schools and other institutions interested in fundraising with
Conceptual logo for a Chicago-based radio station.


Original pen & ink illustration created for Chuck Isdale Photography. These illustrations would be placed on the back of his pictures, with space for any contact information he wished to add. This illustration is part of a series.
Created for Mount Saint Dominic Academy's Forensics' Team. This image was placed on their apparel and printed materials. Mediums include watercolor, gouache, ink and vectors.
A caricature of tarot card/numerologist Katrina Maria. Original ink rendering and Photoshop coloring.
Cartoon-version of myself created a little after college. Original pen & inks; colored in Photoshop.

Web, Email & eCertificate Design

Created for's Afiliate Marketing.
Conceptual custom landing page for Destination Maternity customers who have received Gift Cards, and are looking to redeem them online.
Email designed to draw attention to and offer gift options for email subscribers.
Created for distribution to followers of's page on Twitter.

Old School

The culmination of numerous photocopies, lots of gluestick, and coloring in Photoshop. The final piece is mounted within a box frame. Created while in college as part of a typography project. This is the first of the series.
The second of this series.
The third of this series.
Created as part of college project. Delerium is a musical duo that specializes in dark ambient/dream-pop/electronica. Elements within this billboard are taken from their three albums prior to Nuages Du Monde.
Created for my Corporate Identity college class. This collection features the conceptual branding of the original George Eastman Kodak, as it could have been introduced and marketed within its time period. Note the lettermark of Eastman's first initial "G" resembling both the letter and an art-noveau-style camera aperture.